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Our New Years Wish

This was originally sent to our friends January 2017. We came across it as we were launching this blog and thought it worth sharing.

Mark and Cheri's Collective New Years Wish List

What if . . .

Singing into our hairbrush was the secret to true happiness?

Each time we felt a discomfort or pain (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) we were mindful that it is simply telling us that something needs our attention? (PAIN: Please Acknowledge I'm in Need)

The person we saw in the mirror made us smile just a little?

We bit our tongue a little more often . . . Even if we're right?

Every night before we went to sleep we gave thanks for something in our lives?

Letting go of anger and grudges actually healed those wounds?

We found and used our voice?

We took time each day to look our person in the eyes and make sure they feel, know, hear our love? No matter what?

The grass beneath our feet RIGHT NOW is a gorgeous, luscious shade of green?

We each only carried our own baggage and let others carry theirs?

Cheesecake was health food?

Our family, our friends, our community knew, beyond any shadow of doubt, that we were here for them, regardless of religion, race, or any of the other category that divides us?

We stopped pretending and just showed up as our wonderfully flawed selves?

We replaced french fries with salad, soda with water, criticism with complements, worry with faith, tv time within family time or drugs with hugs just a little more often?

This little note to you, friends, was the inspiration for you to open your heart and mind to the strength of kindness, the power of benevolence, the connectivity of love?

Each year all of us either eagerly or reluctantly face a new year, a blank slate, and at least wonder what will be different in the coming months. For most of us, it is usually a continuation of what we have had earlier. Unless we open up to something new, to a new belief and new way of being, a new love or a new idea. It is our hope that this list gets you thinking about what could be different for you.

What if . . . the Beatles were right all along and Love is truly all we need. If so, then we are sending you bucket and buckets of the yummy stuff and wishing you your happiest year yet!

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