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Going With The Flow

I thought things were going pretty well. In truth, I thought I had won the lottery. But out of nowhere things changed. That was not cool with me.

Before you begin to think I'm a belly-aching brat-dog, let me explain. I've had to endure A LOT of change lately. Not to toot my own horn, but I've done pretty damn well. You see, not so long ago I was roaming free in the hills of Western North Carolina . . . okay maybe not free . . . I was actually lost. . . but on my own. Then I met Cheri.

She was THE ONE. I saw her and she saw me and BAM!!! . . . it was love. I knew instantly she was the one for me.

She took me home and I thought I had found my Shangri–la. But when we got there I saw the hurdles and challenges that lay ahead for me. I found out I was not going to be her "Number 1"; at least not at first. But the gauntlet had been thrown down and I accepted the challenge. She was worth fighting for. You see there were two other dogs and worst of all TWO OTHER HUMANS, all of whom wanted to claim my new love as their own. Like I said . . . Game On!!!

I'm sure this is evident to you but I am pretty charming. So it will come as no surprise that I wormed my way to be her number one very quickly. She slept in the bed and I slept right beside her. She sat on the sofa to watch TV and there I was in her lap. She drove to the store and I rode right along with her. I had risen to the top of the heap in pretty short order.

Then came November 28, 2014 and HE came along. I was used to people coming over (a few men now and then) but something was very different with this one. He came in and everything changed.

I thought it was hard to secure my place with the other two humans and dogs . . . but this guy walked right into my space, as pretty as you please. Like he owned the place. Or at least, that's what I thought. All of a sudden he was occupying all of the places I used to occupy. My side of the bed. My place beside her on the sofa. I was even relegated to the back seat! What a load of crap!!!

It was hard for me to admit but Cheri was happier than I had ever seen her. Happier even than the day that I came into her life. This was very unsettling to say the least. But not soon after he came into her life I had to admit that he wasn't going anywhere.

Cheri and I would have a few days alone and then like clock work he would show up weekend after weekend after weekend. I'm nothing if I'm not a realistic, go-with-the-flow guy, so I warmed to him and came to terms with my new reality. In truth, it really wasn't that hard. As men go, I have to say he is one of the best! He treats me well and he's wonderful to Cheri. He doesn't even seem to mind when I'm in my moms lap. He's a pretty good sharer.

So, we're going along pretty well and just as I'm getting used to this new schedule, this new person . . . Cheri packs up the whole house and we MOVE TO A NEW STATE! With little warning. With no time to mentally prepare, I'm carted off to God knows where . . . giving up my favorite smells, my neighbors, my yard . . . I have to give it all up! GEESH!!!

Worse yet, we move into a very small house. The house was fine but I had to be on a leash EVERY TIME I WENT OUTSIDE. Get what I'm sayin'? I had to poop while I was on a leash!!! No privacy. No dignity. And worse yet, I couldn't "run like the wind" after I had done my biz. These were dark days for me.

But after a few months (which felt like FOREVER) we moved into our new house and now it's much, much better. After all, I've grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and Cheri had me worried there for a bit. But she and Mark came through.

So now, I live in a new place, a nicer place really. There are lots of sofas for me to lay on, a bigger yard for me to explore, nice neighbors, and new smells. Cheri and Mark even bought a king-size bed so I could sleep right in bed beside them every single night.

All of this was going terrific . . . then they enrolled me in OBEDIENCE SCHOOL.


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