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Living An Avocado Life

Avocados are tricky.

The Avocado Life Cycle:

not ripe

not ripe

not ripe

not ripe

Perfect & Delicious!

too late, dammit :-(

Despite being a somewhat high maintenance fruit, I buy avocados every week. I spend a lot of energy making sure I cut into my avocados at just the right time. I do this because they're delicious and healthy and make almost anything taste better. Even though they're demanding of my attention, I've decided they're worth it. Maybe even I'm worth it.

What if our ideas, our relationships, or our work are the same? What if we have to stay awake and aware so we don't miss our chance to say yes to opportunities to scoop out the richness of life? I believe we do.

I call this Living an Avocado Life.

Living an Avocado Life means to be both vigilant and ready. It's about awareness and preparedness and timing. Divine timing, some might say.

When I’m in a restaurant and they bring out ripe avocados to make table-side guacamole, I think, “These avocados are ready to be eaten RIGHT NOW. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. But right now. Today.”

It’s a sacred moment, really. The sacred intersection of Divine timing and paying attention.

There’s no shame on the avocado's part if we make the mistake and cut one open too early. It didn’t do anything wrong. It just wasn’t ripe yet. There’s no shame on the avocado’s part if we cut one open too late. We might feel disappointment in these instances . . . but the avocado didn’t do anything wrong. It was just being an avocado.

Living an Avocado Life kinda sounds simple. However, like most simple ideas, they're not always easy.

Go to sleep or get distracted and crap . . . an opportunity missed. Become over-eager or impatient and dang it . . . you act too soon.

Sometimes I’m too early. Sometimes I’m too late. But when I get it right in my life . . . dee-lish!!

A quality life, full of yummy goodness asks of us the same as the avocado. It asks us to be vigilant and ready.

Yep, I want to live an avocado kind of life.

Do you?


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