Jake is a real dog's dog.  He prefers a trip to the dog park to competing at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (although he does watch it on TV).  He's a laid-back kinda guy who loves to explore new places, beg for ice cubes when Mark is having a drink, jump fences when no one is looking and sleeping on his back with all four legs in the air.  He has never seen a lap that he didn't want to lay in.  

His favorite thing is making new friends. . . and he LOVES everyone he meets.  (unless you're a cat.)  

He credits Cheri's good karma for bringing him into her life. From his point of view, her good luck continued when Mark came along a few years later.   Then there were three! 

Now, he happily takes his place between them in their king-size bed every, single night. 

Mark and Cheri 225.jpg

She now knows the difference between being a Light Housekeeper and Lighthouse Keeper.  She understands new mulch in the yard cures melancholy.  She uses post-it notes daily and is always listening to a book—usually read by someone British.  She has a favorite baseball player and knows the names of all the players on her favorite basketball team. She is committed to fresh flowers in her home year-round.   She can make dinner when there's nothing in the pantry.  She can be kinda woo-woo and sometimes snorts when she laughs.  She likes making the uninteresting places pretty, and the pretty places beautiful.  But mostly she loves her little slice of life with Mark and Jake the Dog.


He often can be found watching obscure musicians on YouTube.  He vacillates between scotch and bourbon with the intermittent sidebar of a dirty gin martini.  He watches all things sports but loves golf and baseball the most.  He’s even been caught watching the cornhole championships but he swears he was watching it “ironically.”  Steeley Dan, Sting and Genesis are musicians he will always gravitate toward.  He has crushes on Sara Barielles and Cheryl Crow (and Cheri’s fine with it).  He would be happy if he never had to move a piece of furniture ever, ever again.  He has breakfast at 6 AM every Thanksgiving with the same group of guys and has for the past 35 years.  He loves to wear cool-looking paisley and funky shoes.  He is wicked smart and loves the clever pun and chickens in pants.  He'll tell you he's happier then he's ever been building a life with his person Cheri and their dog Jake.